2013 Taiwan
Lantern Festival
Number of applicants(現在までの申請者数、目前的獎狀申請人次 ) : 500 / 500

2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival Special Event Station

To celebrate the 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival being held in Hsinchu, Taiwan during the 2013 Lunar New Year, Taiwan’s National Communications Commission issued special call signs BV2013LF and BM0LF on September 27, 2012. BV2013LF and BM0LF are to be QRV from October 1, 2012 to March 10, 2013.

Licensed amateur radio operators and enthusiasts from all over the country as well as licensed foreign amateur radio operators resident in Taiwan are welcome to take part in these special event stations.

Organizational and planning details:
1.Directed by: Tourism Bureau, MOTC & National Communications Commission (NCC).
2.Organizer: Hsinchu County Government.
3.Co-organizer: Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League (CTARL).
4.QRV: October 1, 2012 ~ March 10, 2013
5.2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival special call signs: BV2013LF & BM0LF
6.Operating frequencies: all bands.
7.Operating modes: phone, CW, and digital.
8.Issuance of 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival Station QSL card:
8-1.QSL manager: Hoshino, BM2JCC.
8-2.Special event station logs will be e-mailed monthly to BM2JCC at bm2jcc@gmail.com  to build a unified database for processing QSL card requests.
8-3.2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival Station QSL cards will be issued by BM2JCC based on compiled and unified log data.
8-4.Bureau QSL cards may be sent to:
  CTARL Bureau
  P.O. BOX 73
  Taipei, Taiwan

9.Sample 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival Station QSL cards:

10.2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival (Hsinchu) Award application rules:

All licensed radio amateurs and all SWLs worldwide may apply for the award.
Application form and QSO/reception log suffice; QSL cards/copies unnecessary.
Provide in log the date, time (UTC), frequency and mode for each QSO/reception.
All QSOs/receptions must be between October 1, 2012 and March 10, 2013.
Applications accepted between January 1, 2013 and May 31, 2013. (Limited edition of 500 awards issues).
Application fee: none.
Eligible QSOs/reception reports must be with/of these 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival stations:
BV2013LF and/or BM0LF.
2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival Stations Worked/Heard Award levels:
(Awards will be issued based on the total number of points accrued. QSOs/receptions are worth 1 point per band and per mode of QSO/reception made within the dates specified above)
Platinum: 25 or more points.
Gold: 15 or more points.
Silver: 7 or more points and should include QSOs/reception with/of both BV2013LF and BM0LF.
Bronze: 2 or more points and should include QSOs/reception with/of both BV2013LF and BM0LF.
Maximum of two applications per person.
Application forms should be downloaded from the website.
After the completion of the application form, please E-MAIL to Award Manager:
Hoshino, BM2JCC, E-Mail: bm2jcc@gmail.com


11. 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival (Hsinchu) Award certificate issued by CTARL

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