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A centennial celebration of the founding Republic of China Radio communication activities

Falls on the eve of Republic of China a hundred years, in response to "Republic of China Foundation for a hundred years" and "Council of Cultural Affairs, "and with the government and private resources, brainstorming, consensus, plan to celebrate the founding of a century-related activities Atmosphere to the formation of public participation, to achieve unity and harmony to promote and strengthen national identity and promote people of great importance to the founding of a hundred years, and work together build a beautiful vision of the goal.

This will tie in "Republic of China great hundred" series of activities, in particular to the "National Communications Commission " filed on behalf of "Taiwan" in the nine different founding of special memorial call sign, and planning "to wave around the world, let the world hear Taiwan "The centennial of founding a series of radio amateur radio activities, the time from June 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011 only, while " Tourism Bureau "also provide related support to highlight the Republic of China (Taiwan), a series of QSL cards printed promotional photos photography, amateur radio communications to enhance not only the use of foreign nationals, but also through the exchange of QSL cards and thus promote the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the century of the event will also be issued communications awards, you are Welcome to eligible for the elements of the application request.

In the meantime, we welcome players all over the country and amateur radio enthusiasts, or foreign amateur radio people who lives in Taiwan to participate in this unique event in a century. Detailed planning and arranging the contents are as follows ︰

1 、Date: June 1, 2010 ~ Dec. 31, 2011
2、Organizers: Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League(CTARL)
3、Frequency︰all Band.
4、Mode︰all mode.
5、For all operators who like to operate following the centennial station, please contact the on-duty operator for registration:

Special event station

Station Manager
Schedule &
Log book
QSL info
Keelung city and Yilan County
Via Buro
Kaohsiung and Pingdong County
Via Buro
Jia-Yi, Tainan, Penghu and Kimmen
Via Buro
Miaoli and Taichung County
or Buro
New Taipei City,Hualian and Taidong
Via Buro
Taoyuan and Xinzhu County
Via Buro
CTARL HQ station  in Taipei
Via Buro
Nantou, Changhua and Yunlin County
Via Buro
Taipei City
Via Buro

6、Centennial station of the Republic of China <QSL Log Inquiry System>.
(Including : BM100、BN100、BO100、BP100、BQ100、BU100、BV100ROC、BW100、BX100)

7"Wonderful hundred QSL card" related processing:
7-1、 QSL manager : BM2JCC
7-2、Operator please use the N1MM Log software for Adif format.
7-3、 Log will be arranged monthly for E-Mail to BM2JCC :bv100roc@ctarl.org.tw ,to build a unified database for the query.
7-4、Base on Log data,"Wonderful hundred QSL card "will be compiled and unified response cards by BM2JCC.
7-5、CTARL Buro : P.O.BOX 73 Taipei, Taiwan.

8、Centennial station of the Republic of China (AWARD) Issue: Person in charge is in accordance with founding centuries of communications application rules for certification after application by the applicant.
Person in charge for communication awards founding centuries (AWARD): BM2JCC Mr. Kenichi Hoshino

9、CTARL “Centennial station of the Republic of China (AWARD) “ application rule


All licensed radio amateurs and all SWLs worldwide may apply for the award;


Application form and QSO/reception log suffice; QSL cards/copies unnecessary;


Provide in log the date, time (UTC), frequency and mode for each QSO/reception;

All QSOs/receptions must have been made from the same location;


All QSOs/receptions must be between June 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011;


Applications accepted between January 1, 2011 and March 30, 2012; and


Application fee: US$3 or 5 IRCs (overseas applicants).


Eligible QSOs/reception reports must be with/of these ROC centennial stations:"
BV100ROC(CTARL Headquarters Station)、 BM100、 BN100、 BO100、BP100、
BQ100、BU100、BV100(Amateur Radio Taipei Station)、 BW100、 and BX100


Levels of ROC Centennial Stations Worked/Heard Award for which to apply:
Platinum︰ QSOs with/reception of all 10 ROC centennial stations
Gold︰ QSOs with/reception of 6 ROC centennial stations (including BV100ROC)
Silver︰QSOs with/reception of 3 ROC centennial stations (including BV100ROC)
Bronze︰ QSOs with/reception of BV100ROC or 2 other ROC centennial stations.
Eligible QSOs with or reception of ROC centennial stations may be via any
amateur radio frequency or mode within the dates specified above.


Post completed application/log form and remit application fee to:

CTARL Centennial Stations BV100ROC Award
PO Box 73
Taipei 10099

Download Awards Application Rule


10、Special Thank to Sponsor List:

Sponsored event
Tourism Bureau
Thank authorized "Wonderful hundred QSL card " event photos to use!
Foundation for one hundred years Republic of China
Thank authorized "Wonderful hundred QSL card " Logo to use!
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " event Logo!
Thank build "Wonderful hundred " Log database.
JE1IJL/斉藤武彦 先生
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " for printing,  NT$:10000.
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " for printing,  NT$:50000.
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " for printing,  NT$:10000.
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " for printing,  NT$:2000.
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " for printing,  NT$:5000.
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " for printing,  NT$:3000.
Thank sponsored "Wonderful hundred QSL card " for printing,  NT$:900.
Thank build "Wonderful hundred " English Web site.
Thank build "Wonderful hundred " Japan Web site.


11、"Wonderful hundred QSL card " Sample


12、Republic Of China (Taiwan) Centennial Award of CTARL


Remark :
Centenary celebration of the Republic of China : http://taiwanroc100.tw/english/
Republic of China Centenary Foundation : http://eng.taiwanroc100.org.tw/

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